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Do you know what is NOC, ITOC or Command and Control Center?

Before we talk about NOC itself, we need to talk about Command and Control Center (CCC) or Operations Center.

Practically, the Operations Center is a physical location, with controlled access and with the aim of centralizing, coordinating and controlling the operations of a given goal. Operations Center can be applied in several ways, such as:

Tactical Operation Centers (TOC)

Commonly applied in Military Operations;

Combined Operation Centers (COS) – Also called Decision Support Center – CSD

Oil and Gas Operations;

Air traffic control operations;

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security Monitoring as a whole;

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Network Monitoring and the assets belonging to it;

Information Technology Operations Center (ITOC)

Monitoring not only of the network, but as systems and processes of the IT environment.

Operations Center in IT – NOC, SOC or ITOC?

In the IT market, the application of the Operations Center is often focused on the NOC and SOC, but with increasing demand for business continuity and with the intensification of digital transformation, the IT operation has become critical and fundamental for the delivery of results. It is not enough to guarantee infrastructure and security. The demand is to guarantee the operation of the business, the systems, the process as a whole – end to end delivery.

The Operations Center is more than a room made up of people and walls full of monitors – for 24 hours a day the Operations Center ensures that the operation of your critical business is running and delivering services in the expected quality. For this, it has a team of experts focused on solving events generated by tools that constantly monitor the health of the environment.

The main function of the Operations Center is to ensure the continuity of your business. To do this, it needs to be able to quickly fix failures by restoring the impacted service, but it needs to primarily proactively identify events that could cause failures.

The InfraOPS Operations Center has dedicated experts in monitoring, servicing and management of servers and networks 24 hours a day. We are a complete IT Operations Center, ready to manage incidents and issues; we work with leading technologies and have experience operating critical IT environments.

If your IT operation is important to your business, we can help.