Flow computer data management at a new stage

Manage  the data from your flow computers with total visibility and the assurance  that everything is as expected
Flowops  was created to optimize the analysis of oil and gas production through the  monitoring of flow computers. With a strict focus on regulatory compliance,  the software ensures compliance with the standards established by the  National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and aligns with the best practices in the  market.

Offering  advanced features for generating XML reports and onshore remote monitoring,  Flowops transforms complex data into actionable insights, providing secure,  efficient, and real-time data management.

A solution already implemented in companies that represent more than half of Brazil's oil production.

The ideal choice for companies looking for operational excellence and a competitive advantage in the global market.

by Flowops

Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor production parameters instantly through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate  interface.
Automatic XML Report Generation
Reports are generated daily and sent automatically, facilitating regulatory  compliance and reducing manual workload.
Regulatory Compliance
Developed in full compliance with ANP regulations, ensuring that your operation is  always in line with current standards.
Customization and Flexibility
Customizable Python scripts allow perfect adaptation to the specific needs of each  operation, supporting a wide range of devices and data formats.
Security and Access Control
Integrated with Active Directory groups for detailed user privilege management,  providing security and control over who accesses sensitive data.

Turn Your Data into a Competitive Advantage

Flowops  is not just software; it is a strategic tool that transforms complex data  into actionable insights, ensuring regulatory compliance, security, and  operational efficiency. Join this technological revolution in the oil and gas  sector and propel your operation to a new level of excellence.

The Flowops in Details

Operating Systems

We carry out the complete administration of Windows and Linux servers, including regular updates, backups, and automation through custom scripts.

24x7 monitoring

We offer continuous surveillance with real-time alerts and first-rate support to ensure the uninterrupted operation of all systems.

Access Control

Detailed control of who can edit, view, and audit XML systems and reports.

XML customization

We provide comprehensive support for networks of various technologies, from fiber optics to wireless, covering the administration of layers 2 to 7, in partnership with Cisco.

Customizable Closing Times

We manage firewalls from multiple manufacturers to ensure robust security against threats, protecting your network infrastructure.

Sensor Verification

We administer both cloud and local backup solutions, including monitoring processes and carrying out integrity and restoration tests.


We implement structured cabling services in accordance with international standards, using high quality materials to ensure the best performance.

Manual Generation
of Reports

Generate XMLs, error reports, and differences manually whenever necessary.

Shipping History

Check the history of XML submissions, error reports, and differences for each unit.

of Auditing

View detailed logs of all user actions, ensuring transparency and full control over the system.

Control System
of Disasters

It automatically restarts the application in case of failures, ensuring stability in the use and sending of information.