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From supporting your computer network, satellite links, camera and TV systems to the protection of your data, we have a team of specialists in the offshore market, with experience in adjusting the Petrobras IT and Telecom contract.

Specialized in the oil and gas exploration sector, we understand that the complexity of operations requires a robust IT infrastructure to ensure secure and uninterrupted communication, essential for real-time data management and remote operational control. Infraops guarantees continuous operations, minimizing risks of interruptions and increasing safety and operational efficiency.

An elite team in favor of your operation

The Infraops team is comprised of highly specialized professionals with extensive experience in the offshore sector, ready to meet your shipping needs. Our specialists offer full support for offshore computer networks, satellite connections, satellite TV antennas, and data traffic management from satellite links, ensuring efficient and reliable solutions.

We have a proven track record of adapting IT and Telecom contracts to Petrobras requirements (Annex V or VI) and are recognized for our successful vessel commissioning projects. At Infraops, you find the ideal partnership to face the challenges of the offshore environment safely and competently.

IT and Telecom Services
with a team certified to board

Structured cabling

With Infraops, raise the quality of your network with our Structured Cabling service. Certified by market leaders and backed by a highly qualified team, we guarantee an efficient, organized and future-ready data and TV infrastructure.

Satellite TV

Infraops specializes in the Oil and Gas market, with a certified team for offshore shipping. Whether it's to support your computer network, the satellite link, or camera or TV system. We have experience in adapting IT and Telecom infrastructure to the Petrobras contract.

Satellite Communication

We take offshore connectivity to the next level with our VSAT service, ideal for the oil and gas sector. We guarantee secure and constant communication, with 24/7 support. Our strategic partnership with KVH allows us to offer high capacity and speed links, ensuring performance and efficiency in any location.

Satellite Band Management and Optimization

We go beyond bandwidth into satellite connections for vessels, focusing on effective data traffic management. With accurate categorization of system priorities and infrastructure optimization, we guarantee intelligent data flow, maximizing efficiency and fluidity in communication.

Offshore IT and Telecom Support

Count on our complete specialized support solution for oil and gas operations. Ensure continuous operations with robust solutions and 24/7 assistance. Our IT and Telecommunications technical team is ready for immediate boarding to support your wired network, Wi-Fi, cameras, TVs or satellite links.

IT and Telecom Commissioning

We offer complete IT and telecommunications infrastructure adaptation services on vessels, ensuring compliance with oil company contractual standards. From the initial project to the commissioning, we accompany each stage, ensuring excellence throughout the IT lifecycle.
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