Offshore IT and Telecom Support

In an environment where continuous operation is essential for success, you need a team that follows the sun

IT and  Telecommunications expertise is a vital tool for offshore operations in the  oil and gas sector. A solution that is not just conventional technical  support but a strategic partnership that ensures the implementation of robust  solutions and the continuous optimization of your technological  infrastructure.
Infraops  has a team of certified professionals with vast experience in the offshore  market, ready to meet any need 24/7 with immediate boarding capacity,  ensuring that your operations are uninterrupted and efficient.

We have  a diverse range of projects, reflecting our ability to act deeply in the  continuous improvement of your infrastructure. From simple desktop updates  and direct user support to complex infrastructure initiatives such as Wifi  Survey, wifi signal optimization, wireless network implementation, firewall  and switch system updates, and advanced telephone systems, these are  testimonies of our competence and adaptability.

Immediate and strategic solutions to keep your operation always ahead, safe, and efficient

With  Infraops, your technological infrastructure becomes a true lever for  operational success, allowing you to focus on what really matters:  productivity and innovation in the offshore scenario.

We also  carry out projects in critical systems such as VSAT, PAGA, TVRO, GMDSS, SAS,  and telephone systems, ensuring complete coverage of IT and Telecom needs.

Operational Continuity

With 24/7 support and immediate boarding capacity, we ensure operational  continuity, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operability, crucial  in offshore operations.

Specialized Expertise

Access to a team of certified professionals with vast experience in the offshore  market offers a competitive advantage, ensuring that the solutions applied  are within best practices.

Adaptability and Personalization

Each solution is adapted to the specific needs of the client, ensuring that the  unique challenges of each operation are met with maximum efficiency.

Optimized Efficiency

Through  initiatives such as Wifi Survey and signal optimization, system updates

Specialized Team Ready to Board

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