Who are we

To operate critical projects, we rely on our main resource: experience.

Infraops was created to be an IT operations company with quick and efficient deliveries. For this, we adopt the most renowned methodologies to increase the availability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

To achieve this goal, we rely on our main differential: experience. All this based on a team with over 20 years of experience in executing complex and mission-critical international projects.

A story that began with the success of our projects.

Our journey began when directors Marcelo and Tiago, until then partners in IT projects, identified the real benefits that companies would have if the IT environment was operated with the same attention and proactivity that critical environments receive. From there, all efforts were focused on creating an efficient monitoring methodology with clear and strict processes, as well as a powerful infrastructure to support thousands of monitored and managed locations.

Since 2017, with the mission of increasing business profitability, Infraops has maintained its values through efficient IT, technical excellence, professionalism, quality, and ethics.

Complete solutions
for each project

Monitoring, support, and operation of vessels, industries, offices, and hotels

We generate results both for the IT area and for corporate decision-making.

Management of incidents, changes, and problems for all IT matters.

Failure prevention with global service and structure
in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

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